Your journey is something we take seriously and can help you with. Whether your primary goal is Weight Loss, Sport Specific, Muscle Toning / strength or to just move better day to day than Integrate Personal Trainers provide the necessary tools for you to complete your journey to a better physical, mental and emotional you and have some fun along the way.

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Martin Jurblum

 I began training with Matt in 2009. Matt volunteered to help me as my previous trainer was not successful. I enjoy the variety of workouts and the banter. Integrate Training is in a great location, has good facilities and a friendly atmosphere. Matt knows his stuff and that’s the only thing that really matters. He also has a photo collection from his body building competition days. Ask him to show you! ;) 

Sue Fischer

 I began training in 2002 after I was introduced to Matt at Harper’s Fitness and liked his professionalism and commitment. I enjoy our sessions together because of the hard work, laughter, attention to detail and ability to tailor training sessions to my particular [and peculiar] needs. Training at Integrate is never boring. The gym is spotless and contains any and all equipment that could possibly be needed or used. The trainers are friendly and welcoming. If you’re thinking of training at Integrate Training my recommendation in the words of an advertising slogan is ‘Just do it’. 

Nancy Griffiths

 I began training with Matt in 1999. I began training because of Matt’s knowledge in how to train using correct methods and suitability to my age. I do enjoy that each session is varied so training is never boring and appreciate the benefits afterwards. I enjoy training at Integrate as it is a very friendly atmosphere, the gym is kept very clean and all of the equipment is in very good condition and you feel very safe using it.  

Luke Campbell

 I started training at Integrate Training in 2010. When I retired from international volleyball I struggled to motivate myself to train and maintain the fitness level I had for over 12 years. I met Matt and his style of training and attitude really helped me get back into training and competition in Victoria, which is something that I really value. I enjoy the training at Integrate because it is interesting and challenging, the atmosphere is always friendly, happy and welcoming, the equipment is first class and there is always a new toy to try. Matt’s ability to work within injuries or pain is really impressive, he always finds a way to still give you a solid workout no matter how you are feeling.

Definitely give Integrate a go, they have a wide range of experienced trainers that all offer slightly different services and ideas about health and fitness, you will find one the suits you.

The trainers don’t just train you and forget about you, they are interested in what you do and want to help you achieve your goals with your body and life. 

Edith Greiman

 I started training in 1998. I decided to start training with Matt because I had heard he was good and understanding. Matty helped me with my core stability and balance, When I returned after my husband passed away I could hardly walk. Today I walk freely around the gym. I enjoy the little chats, friendliness, care and attention to detail of the whole body that I get at Integrate. I am 84 years old. 


 I used to hate going to gym. Every few years I would give it a crack and it would never take long for me to walk away again. I’ve been training with Matt for nearly 18 months now and I’m still surprised how much I thoroughly enjoy every session. Matt combines extensive knowledge of the human body with methods and techniques he has perfected and refined through year of personal training to provide a perfect balance of rewarding hard work in a comfortable environment. 


 TRX, Cortex, Vipr, Multiplanar Lunges, Rip Trainers – who had ever heard of these things before? Matt Brindle! Matt is always at the forefront of personal training and finding the best solution to improve function and mobility. For over 15 years I have trained with Matt and he has kept evolving and modifying the sessions to suit our requirements. 



 I have been training with Matt Brindle at Integrate for over 10 years. Matt’s techniques, attitude and professionalism are outstanding. His vast knowledge of the human body and the way it works makes me confident that I will not be injured from training. For years Matt has been on the edge in regards to training and functional movement. We always seem to be moving onto the next best thing as the rest of Australia catch on… 

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